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February 2017

Thursday, February 16th

Politics of War in Early Pennsylvania

The Quaker colony of Pennsylvania was not always the peaceful place it was intended to be, as Patrick Spero reminds us. Its history was dotted with a series of formative but until now largely-overlooked confrontations. There was an eight-year-long border war with Maryland in the 1730s, the Seven Years’ War and conflicts with Native Americans in the 1750s, a series of frontier rebellions in the 1760s, and wars with Virginia and Connecticut in the 1770s over western and northern boundaries. These episodes created a distinc­tively combative “frontier society” well before the Revolutionary War that most of us are already familiar with.

American Philosophical Society
Benjamin Franklin Hall
427 Chestnut Street
5:30 - 7 p.m. (reception at 5:30, lecture at 6)
Frontier Country

Ongoing Events and Outdoor Activities

Now thru December 2017

Constituting Liberty

Opening on Bill of Rights Day (December 15th), 2014 and continuing through almost to the end of 2017, the National Constitution Center will be featuring the founding documents of our great republic. Starting with a first edition stone engraving of the Declaration of Independence, the exhibit includes a rare copy of the first public printing of the U.S. Constitution, and rounds it out with a special display of one of the 12 surviving copies of the Bill of Rights.

National Constitution Center
525 Arch Street
Declaration, Constitution, and Bill of Rights


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